Smart Access for Shared Facilities

The Ultimate Platform for Server Room and Data Centers

The WiseIngress platform is powerfully integrated with Smart Swing Handle Lock – a combination designed for the modern data center or server room. This meticulously engineered product aims to enhance efficiency, security, and traceability, all while providing the ease of keyless access. Say goodbye to managing a plethora of keys for multiple racks and step into the future of access control.
At the heart of our system is the Smart Swing Handle Lock. This high-tech lock is built to secure high-value data and network devices, making it an essential component for any data center or server room. With its smart features, it not only boosts efficiency but also enhances accountability and traceability.
Integrated with the WiseIngress platform, this system revolutionizes access control by allowing managers to grant time-based access to their staff. This ensures that access is granted to the right person at the right time, heightening the overall security of your sensitive data.
WiseIngress is a user-friendly web and mobile app access control system cleverly integrated into our advanced hardware. This integration enables the generation of a time-sensitive access PIN and Bluetooth key, allowing for a seamless, contactless unlocking experience.
Based on the user role or specific request, managers can quickly generate an access PIN code and digital Bluetooth key. This simplifies access management and improves operational efficiency while preserving high-level security.
What sets our system apart is the innovative technology behind our hardware. Our Smart Locks operate without an Internet connection, ensuring optimal functionality regardless of WiFi availability. This design choice eliminates the concern of WiFi outages, providing an unwavering line of defence for your data centers and server rooms.
For those who prefer a connected experience, we also offer the option to use a WiFi bridge. This connection allows the smart locks to be linked to the internet, enabling the manager to generate customized access PIN codes or get online reports, giving them more control and insight into access activity.
Physical keys are also available in case of unforeseen circumstances.
Experience the future of access control with our WiseIngress Access Control Platform and Smart Swing Handle Lock. Simplify your security without compromising the safety of your high-value data and network devices.

Smart Swing Handle Lock Specifications
WiseIngress access control for server rooms

Door type: Metal swing door (Left/Right)
Door cutout (W x H): 25 x 150mm

Front Assembly (W x H x D): 40 x 230 x 26 (mm)
Back Assembly (W x H x D): 34 x 150 x 22 (mm)

IP54, CE, FCC, Giteki