Innovative Booking Solution
The Ultimate Reservation Platform for Meeting and Party Rooms

Are you tired of the hassle and inconvenience of traditional reservation systems for meeting rooms and party rooms? Say goodbye to manual bookings, lost keys, and time-consuming administrative tasks. With WiseIngress, we bring you a cutting-edge, web and mobile-based reservation platform that revolutionizes access control, making reservations contactless, efficient, and secure.

WiseIngress combines innovative lock hardware with advanced software integration, providing a comprehensive solution for seamless access control and reservation management. Our platform generates time-sensitive access PINs and Bluetooth keys, which can be used to unlock our smart locks, ensuring a hassle-free experience for administrators and users.

With WiseIngress, you have various innovative lock options designed to suit different door types. Whether it’s a Smart Deadbolt, Smart Glassdoor lock, or Smart RIM lock, we have you covered. Our smart locks are sleek, robust, and easy to install, providing seamless integration with our reservation platform.

But what if you don’t want to replace your existing keyfob or physical system? We have the perfect solution for you. WiseIngress offers a smart keybox that allows you to retain your current keyfob or physical key while benefiting from our reservation platform. Simply place your keyfob or physical key inside our keybox, and users can book through our software to receive a time-sensitive access PIN and Bluetooth key. During the reserved period, users can easily open the keybox with the Bluetooth key or time-sensitive access PIN code, retrieve the key or keyfob, and return it to the keybox during the reserved period.

WiseIngress is not just about convenience; it’s about enhancing security and streamlining operations. Our platform provides administrators with real-time monitoring, usage analytics, and the ability to manage reservations effortlessly. With our access control system, you can grant or revoke access permissions instantly, ensuring only authorized individuals can enter the reserved spaces.

Key Features of WiseIngress Reservation Platform:

  • Web and mobile-based access control and reservation system.
  • Integration of software and innovative lock hardware for contactless and efficient reservations.
  • Time-sensitive access PINs and Bluetooth keys for unlocking smart locks.
  • Smart lock options for different door types, including Smart Deadbolt, Smart Glassdoor lock, and Smart RIM lock.
  • Smart keybox solution for customers who want to retain their existing keyfob or physical key.
  • Real-time monitoring, usage analytics, and easy reservation management for administrators.
  • Enhanced security with instant access permission control
  • Optional AI workplace occupancy sensor
  • Optional remote online management solution

Upgrade your reservation experience and embrace the future of access control with WiseIngress. Say goodbye to traditional, cumbersome booking systems and hello to a seamless, secure, and efficient way to manage meeting rooms and party rooms. Make a wise choice and unlock a new era of convenience with WiseIngress today!

Smart Lock Options
WiseIngress Smart Deadbolt Solution
Smart Deadbolt

Door compatibility: Wooden swing door (Left/Right)
Door thickness: 35 to 60mm
Backset: 60/70mm (2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″)
Door clearance: >110mm
Front assembly: 60 (W) x 145 (H) x 17 (T) mm / 2.4 (W) x 5.7 (H) x 0.7 (T) in
Back assembly: 65 (W) x 160 (H) x 30 (T) mm / 2.6 (W) x 6.3 (H) x 1.2 (T) in
Body: Al, Zinc alloy, ABS
IP65, CE, UKCA, FCC, Giteki, ISED, ANSI Grade 2 deadbolt


Smart Glassdoor Lock

With the Glass Door Lock, you can manage multiple properties. From offices to retail shops, even co-working spaces and homes, it’s the ideal solution to experience smart access anywhere.

Smart RIM lock for WiseIngress booking platform
Smart RIM Lock

Take your first step with WiseIngress Rim Lock. Jam-packed with features for simpler and smarter access, you won’t have to fuss with physical keys again!
The Rim Lock combines durability and superior performance in a sleek design. No frills for ultimate convenience.

WiseIngress Smart Keybox Solution
Smart Keybox

Our smart lockbox solution is for hassle-free key or Keyfob handovers
No more awkward key handovers or going through the hassle of managing multiple access cards again. Simply store your keys or access cards in the Keybox for easy sharing amongst different users via the WiseIngress platform.