About Us

Who We Are?

At WiseIngress, we are a team of innovative people who are reinventing the way reservations are made. We were born from an experience where getting a reservation for a building party ended being a cumbersome and tiring affair, and we thought there must be a smarter and contactless way of doing it. In a world where people make reservations every minute, the reservation experience must be smooth and short; otherwise, clients will be frustrated. We realize managing shared amenities, shared spaces, and tools is challenging, especially if you are dealing with a huge number of bookings within a short time. We are bringing a smart and easy way of doing things.

Our solution is a game-changer. We are bringing convenience to your smartphone. We have used the power of technology to bring you a solution that will make your life easier and more secure, allowing you to manage your amenities from whichever place in the world. We offer an easy-to-install web and mobile-based complete reservation system. The software is integrated into innovative lock hardware to make reservations contactless and efficient by generating a time-sensitive access PIN to unlock the smart lock. Our products do not require an Internet connection to work, so there is no concern about Wi-Fi availability. We are the exclusive distributor of Igloohome products in Canada since 2018.

Our goal is to give you the power to share securely, anytime, and anywhere.


To become a leader in providing innovative, reliable, and impactful smart access control solutions. 


Our mission is to bring simplicity and security by offering a solution that allows you to make bookings and reservations remotely using a smartphone app. We believe that if it’s shareable, we can make it reservable.



You can depend on us to give you reliable products and services that will give you the required security and a reliable and easy to use app. We assure you of the best product in the market that will leave an impact on how you view smart security. 

Customer Centered

Without our customers, our business would be non-existent; hence, we ensure we give you the best customer service and always respond to your queries.


We do not compromise on quality; we believe our offering is the best in the market because we research to get the best that will last you a long time. We ensure our hardware and software are passed through different stress tests to ensure they always work despite the conditions.


You can trust that we will give you what you need. Our products and services will provide you with the service you need when you need it. You can also trust us with your data; it is kept securely in our servers.


We are constantly looking at how we can give you more features in addition to what is available. We have a team that is always listening to feedback to cater to the needs of our clients.