Self Service Office Rental Solution
Cutting-Edge Booking Platform Tailored for Self-Service Office Rentals

This comprehensive solution merges the power of software with the ingenuity of hardware, streamlining the booking process and accessing shared spaces.
Our cloud-based platform is an amalgamation of a full-featured booking system and advanced innovative lock hardware. With its unique technology, WiseIngress facilitates seamless, contactless reservations by generating time-sensitive access PINs and Bluetooth keys. These keys can unlock the smart locks installed on amenity doors, minimizing the need for human intervention and ensuring a safe, smooth experience for your customers.
What sets WiseIngress apart is its easy integration with your existing website. This allows your customers to conveniently book an office or space online, pay the necessary fees, and instantly receive the access PIN or a digital Bluetooth key. The rented office becomes accessible to them throughout the rented period, all without unnecessary delays or complications.
The WiseIngress admin web dashboard serves as a central hub for managers to oversee and control rental operations. Define the availability of office spaces with an easy-to-use calendar system, establish the office rental fee, and set the terms and conditions for usage. The flexibility and control provided by the admin dashboard streamline management tasks, leading to efficient operations and superior customer satisfaction.
An exceptional feature of our smart locks is their independence from the internet to function. Our unique technology guarantees uninterrupted service.
However, suppose managers require advanced lock control, such as real-time notifications or generating custom access PIN codes. In that case, we offer the option to use an LTE modem to provide internet anywhere.
In addition, WiseIngress offers an optional workplace occupancy sensor. Integrated directly with the WiseIngress platform, this sensor allows managers to monitor the occupancy and count of individuals in the rented space. This feature ensures the appropriate use of your shared office spaces while enhancing safety measures.
Embrace the future of shared office space management with WiseIngress. Upgrade to a seamless, efficient, and contactless solution that will elevate your customers’ booking and access experience while simplifying management tasks. Experience the power of smart technology with WiseIngress!

Smart Lock Options
WiseIngress Smart Deadbolt Solution
Smart Deadbolt

Door compatibility: Wooden swing door (Left/Right)
Door thickness: 35 to 60mm
Backset: 60/70mm (2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″)
Door clearance: >110mm
Front assembly: 60 (W) x 145 (H) x 17 (T) mm / 2.4 (W) x 5.7 (H) x 0.7 (T) in
Back assembly: 65 (W) x 160 (H) x 30 (T) mm / 2.6 (W) x 6.3 (H) x 1.2 (T) in
Body: Al, Zinc alloy, ABS
IP65, CE, UKCA, FCC, Giteki, ISED, ANSI Grade 2 deadbolt


Smart Glassdoor Lock

With the Glass Door Lock, you can manage multiple properties. From offices to retail shops, even co-working spaces and homes, it’s the ideal solution to experience smart access anywhere.

Smart RIM lock for WiseIngress booking platform
Smart RIM Lock

Take your first step with WiseIngress Rim Lock. Jam-packed with features for simpler and smarter access, you won’t have to fuss with physical keys again!
The Rim Lock combines durability and superior performance in a sleek design. No frills for ultimate convenience.

WiseIngress Smart Keybox Solution
Smart Keybox

Our smart lockbox solution is for hassle-free key or Keyfob handovers
No more awkward key handovers or going through the hassle of managing multiple access cards again. Simply store your keys or access cards in the Keybox for easy sharing amongst different users via the WiseIngress platform.