Innovative Key Management Solution
The Ultimate Booking Platform for Key & Keyfob Management

The perfect synergy of software and hardware for managing shared keys and keyfobs. Designed for a world that demands simplicity and efficiency, our system streamlines the management and access of shared keys such as car keyfobs, boat keys, home keys, hotel keys, and amenities keys.
The WiseIngress reservation platform is a comprehensive web and mobile-enabled solution that integrates with our Smart Lockbox. Together, they form a contactless, innovative system for reservations and key access. The platform generates time-sensitive access PINs and Bluetooth keys, allowing users to unlock the Smart Lockbox and gain access to their reserved keys or keyfobs.
For those who are not willing to shift from their current keyfob or physical key system, our Smart Lockbox presents an ideal solution. Managers can place the keyfob or physical key inside the lockbox. Users then book through our software and receive a time-sensitive access pin or a digital Bluetooth key. With this, they can open the lockbox, retrieve their key or keyfob, and return it to the lockbox within the reserved time frame.
One of the most impressive features of our Smart Lockbox is its independence from internet connectivity. It operates efficiently even in offline mode, ensuring that users have consistent access. However, an internet connection can be established if managers prefer online tracking or want to generate custom access PIN codes such as a user’s mobile number.
Experience the power of convenience, security, and control with the WiseIngress Reservation Platform and Smart Lockbox – a smart solution for today’s shared access needs.

WiseIngress key management solution