Key Management Solution for Real Estate Agents
The Ultimate Booking Platform for Property Showing

WiseIngress booking platform is designed for real estate companies and realtors to revolutionize the way you manage keys for property showings.

WiseIngress is an advanced web and mobile-based solution that seamlessly integrates sophisticated software into an innovative lockbox hardware system. This high-tech platform is designed to streamline the booking process, making reservations contactless, efficient, and more secure than ever before.

With WiseIngress, you no longer have to worry about the logistics of key exchanges or coordinating viewing schedules. Simply place the property key inside our smart lockbox. Agents can then book a showing through our user-friendly software, generating a unique, time-sensitive access PIN and a digital Bluetooth key. This technology enables them to unlock the lockbox, retrieve the key, conduct the property showing, and securely return the key to the lockbox within the reserved period.

And here’s the real magic: our lockbox doesn’t need an internet connection to function. It leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure that keys are accessible even in remote locations; this makes WiseIngress a reliable choice no matter where your properties are located.

WiseIngress is not just a booking platform; it’s a game-changer for real estate businesses looking to simplify, optimize, and modernize their property showing process. With our cutting-edge solution, managing showings has never been easier, safer, or more efficient. Invest in WiseIngress and experience the new era of real estate showings today!

WiseIngress property showing solution