Smart Elevator key Management
The Ultimate Solution for Move in and Move out

The WiseIngress Booking Platform is a comprehensive solution for managing elevator keys for tenants in transition. Whether they’re moving in or out, WiseIngress provides a streamlined, contactless experience for both tenants and building managers.
As a web and mobile-based system, WiseIngress integrates cutting-edge software with an innovative keybox hardware solution. It’s not just a booking platform; it’s a complete ecosystem that transforms how access control is managed in buildings. Tenants simply scan a QR code to view calendar availability and book their preferred time slot for moving.
Once a booking is made, our platform generates a time-sensitive PIN code or a digital Bluetooth key, either directly or with the approval of the building manager. Tenants can then use these to unlock the smart keybox and access the elevator key for their reserved moving time. After use, the key can be easily placed back inside the keybox.
The true innovation of WiseIngress is its connectivity independence. The keybox doesn’t need an internet connection to function, proving its reliability and flexibility in any environment.
Choose WiseIngress, the future-proof solution for building managers who wish to optimize the process of managing elevator access during tenants’ move-ins and move-outs. It’s more than a booking platform; it’s an experience that champions efficiency and user-friendliness. Enjoy the magic of technology with WiseIngress.