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What Is WiseIngress?
Manager reservations trouble tasks

Let’s face it, managing shared amenities, shared spaces, and tools is challenging. Whether it’s a party room, a swimming pool, a gym, a meeting room, a delivery box, a toolbox, whatever it may be, you are responsible for overseeing how people schedule, bookings, and even access the amenity.
And when it comes to situations where you handle many residents, or customers mistakes become prominent.
It’s tiring and time-wasting, isn’t it? Well, why not? Let’s show you how you can change this with WiseIngress.

WiseIngress is a web and mobile-based complete reservation system where software is integrated into innovative lock hardware to make reservations contactless and efficient by generating a time-sensitive access PIN that can be used to unlock the smart lock.

Introduction to WiseIngress app for facility management

Mobile App

Available on Android and iOS devices for a seamless universal solution

Web App

Compatible on all web browsers for full management opportunities

Administrative Dashboard

Comprehensive control over scheduling online booking, payment methods, and amenity details


Integrated with innovative smart locks for versatile application without the need for internet or Wi-Fi availability


Our Solutions
Solutions for property management and industry

Our Line-Up

Smart Keybox Solution

With WiseIngress Smart Key Box Solution, customers bypass the need to replace their current key fob system or door lock as we offer a fully integrated smart lockbox with our mobile app. Users are provided with the opportunity of booking shared space reservations from their app dashboard and then receive a time-sensitive access PIN code. Simply enter the PIN code and turn the key or key fob from the lockbox. Once your time has elapsed, simply switch the key back into the reserved period.
WiseIngress empowers business owners and managers with solutions for:

  • Apartment Amenities
  • Transportation Sharing Including Bikes & Vehicles
  • Sublets & Open Houses
  • Construction & Other Job Sites

Smart Lockbox does not require an Internet connection to work. There is no concern about WiFi availability.

Keybox Solution
Keybox Solution
Smart Deadbolt Solution

What we offer

Smart Deadbolt Solution

Whether it’s a party room, rental property, gym, or office space, with WiseIngress Smart Deadbolt Solution, you can connect and reserve all available collaborative amenities and services from the comfort of your own mobile device.

Everyone can book through our app and receive a time-sensitive access PIN code to unlock the door during the reserved time.
Smart Deadbolt does not require an Internet connection to work. There is no concern about WiFi availability.

Smart Deadbolt Solution

What we offer

Smart Padlock Solution

A Versatile solution for:

  • Delivery Box
  • Shared Tool Boxes
  • Shared Medicine Cabinets
  • Shared Doorways & Gates
  • Shared Storage Lockers
  • Shared Vehicles & Bicycles
  • Warehouse & Office Entrances
  • Community Center Lockers

Everyone can reserve through our app and receive a time-sensitive access PIN code to unlock the Padlock during the reserved time.
Smart Padlock does not require an Internet connection to work. There is no concern about WiFi availability.

Padlock Solution
Padlock Solution


Some of the Use Cases

Party Rooms & Venues


Gymnasiums & Work Out Facilities


Swimming Pools & Spa Amenities


Meeting and Board Rooms


Tool Boxes


Shared Office Buildings


Open House Showings




Construction & Job Sites


Medicinal Aid


Doors & Gates


Sublet Properties


Delivery Box


Bike Sharing


Car Sharing




Once it's sharable, we can make it reservable!

Unlock facility with PIN code

Powered by Unique Technology

Time Sensitive Access PIN Code

Everyone can book through the WiseIngress app and receive a time-sensitive access PIN code to unlock the door during the reserved time.
Our Smart Locks does not require an Internet connection to work.

There is no concern about WiFi availability.

Unlock facility with PIN code


Administrator Dashboard Features

Administrator Dashboard

Fully integrated administrative dashboard for managers to offer complete control on reservations, payments, reservation policy and comprehensive booking reports.


Mobile App

Basic administration controls for managers on the go. Like enable/disable amenities, enable/disable users access, get PIN code for administration access and approve reservations waiting for admin approval.



Block off dates, times and fully manage your amenity reservation calendar to remain well-informed of all bookings with contact information attached for ease of reference and security reasons.


Payment Options

Have users pay securely through the Wiseingress mobile app with a credit card, debit, or check. App managers are also provided with discretion in making amenities access free for users.



User management control allows the manager to enable or disable each user with the administrator’s decision.


Lock Management

Smart lock/Amenity management control allows the manager to enable or disable each one with the reason notice.


Time Sensitive Access PIN

Request Access PIN code through web and mobile app for administration purposes like cleaning and maintenance.


Booking Analytics Report

View and download booking reports for each amenity synched through the app to record usage and monthly revenue.

Book facility on mobile app

How It Works?


Register Building and amenities with description and photo upload capabilities


Customize each amenity’s availability, Policies, Type of reservations approval (Manually or Automate) and payment options.


Invite users to download the app and register 


User Dashboard & App Features

User Dashboard

All Features Available through Web Browser


Mobile App

All Features Available on Mobile App


Online Booking

All Features Available through Web Browser


Payment Options

Pay Online with Credit & Debit Card


Time Sensitive Access PIN

Book online and Receive Access PIN Code


SMS Option

Send Access PIN via SMS Through the APP



All Accessible Buildings Through the App



All Accessible Locks through The App

Let’s Watch Video Presentation

Experience innovation first-hand with the WiseIngress Demo video.

WiseIngress Presentation Video
How our app helps facility management

Why we are different?

Complete reservation System

By offering unique hardware + software

Flexible Service Options

We offer the most flexible service options based on your needs

No Hidden Fees

We don’t take any percentage of your customer’s booking.

Scale of Use Cases

Our solutions cover almost all industries

Available on App Store and Google Play

WiseIngress app in hand

Outstanding Flexibility

Bank Level Security

World Wide

API Integration


Online Order Process

How to Order?

While we love to meet our customers, it’s not required to set up your service. We made the entire process online and contactless.

Our Service is currently available in Canada, the USA and Singapore.

Choose your service

Choose your service using the estimator and submit the form.

Online Contract

Receive your customized contract in your inbox to review, sign online and pay the fees.

Set up

We will set up your account, integrate your selected smart locks, and send your package via post.


Enjoy Your Service

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for amenity reservation app

It takes less than an hour after signing the contract and pays the fees

No, we do all the required integrations before sending the smart lock to you.


Smart Padlock: Hang it on your door gate, Deliver box or anywhere you need.
Smart Keybox: Hang it on the door handle/Knob or screw it on the wall.
Smart Deadbolt: Easy installation video guide provided.

Yes, Please contact us for more information.

We are a Canadian company located in Vancouver, British Columbia. Our cloud service available in Canada, the US and Singapore.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us a line by filling out the form below. A member of our team will contact you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.