AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor
Redefine Insights for Your Workplace

Introducing the AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor, the cutting-edge solution integrated with the WiseIngress Platform, designed to revolutionize how you manage workplace occupancy. Whether it’s meeting rooms, party rooms, or any space where counting people occupancy is crucial for managers, this advanced sensor delivers exceptional accuracy, anonymity, and intelligent detection capabilities.
With up to 98% accuracy, you can rely on the AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor to provide precise occupancy data, ensuring efficient space management and resource allocation. Say goodbye to manual headcounts and welcome a streamlined and automated system that saves time and optimizes your operations.
Our sensor takes data privacy seriously. It boasts 100% anonymous detection, ensuring compliance with GDPR regulations. Your employees’ privacy is protected, and you can confidently collect occupancy data without compromising their personal information.
The AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor goes beyond simple headcounts. It features smart U-turn detection, which accurately identifies individuals entering and leaving a room, providing real-time insights into occupancy trends. This intelligent detection capability allows you to make data-driven decisions, optimize space utilization, and enhance overall workplace efficiency.
Covering up to 78 square meters, the sensor provides wide coverage for large areas. Whether it’s spacious conference halls or open office layouts, you can rely on the AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor to accurately monitor occupancy across diverse environments.
Flexibility is key, and with a maximum of 16 detection regions, you can customize the sensor’s settings to suit your specific needs. Whether you have distinct zones within a room or multiple areas spread across a floor, the sensor adapts to your unique requirements.
It incorporates line-crossing people-counting technology to enhance the versatility of the AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor. This feature lets you precisely track the number of individuals passing through a specific area, providing granular data for analysis and decision-making.
The AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor is an invaluable tool for managers, enabling efficient workplace management and resource optimization. Maximize space utilization, improve employee productivity, and ensure compliance with regulations, all with this intelligent and reliable solution.
Upgrade your workplace management today with the AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor powered by the WiseIngress Platform. Experience the future of occupancy monitoring and take control of your workspace like never before.

AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor