Smart Access Solution for Parcel Delivery Boxes
Unlock a World of Convenience and Flexibility

Introducing the WiseIngress smart access solution for parcel delivery boxes, a revolutionary system designed to streamline and secure parcel deliveries in both residential and commercial buildings. Our solution consists of two main components: the Smart Padlock, hardware that works offline, and the WiseIngress Access Control Platform, a sophisticated software.

Smart Padlock:

This ingenious hardware is a robust padlock that operates offline, making it a reliable solution for secure parcel delivery. It’s designed to fit seamlessly on any delivery box, transforming it into a smart, secure receptacle for parcels. No need for any power or internet connections – the padlock works flawlessly, even in remote areas.

WiseIngress Access Control Platform:

Our WiseIngress Access Control Platform is a cloud-based software that enables you to manage access to the delivery boxes remotely and efficiently. This advanced platform allows users to request access to their designated box, receiving a time-sensitive access PIN or a digital Bluetooth key. This code or digital key is unique and can be used to unlock the padlock, granting access to their parcels.

But that’s not all – with our platform, building administrators or managers can generate access PINs for postmen or delivery personnel. Moreover, our system can automatically generate these access PINs upon request, creating a smooth and secure process for parcel delivery and collection.

This solution is an affordable and effective method to manage tenant parcel delivery, offering peace of mind to both the residents and building administrators. With the WiseIngress Smart Parcel Delivery Solution, you can maintain control, enhance security, and improve convenience in your parcel delivery process. Simplify your delivery management with WiseIngress today.

WiseIngress delivery box solution