Workout Facilities Access Control & Reservation Solution
The Ultimate Reservation Platform for Workout Facilities

The WiseIngress booking platform is an innovative and efficient solution for gymnasiums, workout facilities, swimming pools, and spa amenities. This technology-rich platform offers you a perfect blend of software and hardware, merging the convenience of a digital booking system with state-of-the-art smart lock technology.
Our platform is both web and mobile-based, providing ease of access and convenience. It revolutionizes reservations, making them entirely contactless and seamless. With each booking, a time-sensitive access PIN and a Bluetooth key are generated. These can then be used to unlock the smart lock installed on the amenity door.
As a manager, you gain remote control over access to amenities. You can define availabilities on a calendar, letting users book one or multiple amenities simultaneously. The WiseIngress platform also allows you to manage and limit the occupancy for each amenity. For example, if the occupancy limit for a gym in a building is set to 5 people for a specific period, the sixth person will not be able to book the gym if the first five slots are already reserved.
The smart lock technology utilized in our platform is both unique and reliable. Notably, our Smart Locks do not require an internet connection to function, alleviating concerns about internet availability. However, for those who desire more control over the locks, like real-time notifications or the ability to generate customized access PIN codes, we offer the option to use an LTE modem to connect locks to the internet.
For added functionality, the WiseIngress platform can be integrated with a workplace occupancy sensor, ensuring you can monitor your facilities while adhering to the user’s privacy.
With WiseIngress, you can manage your facilities effectively, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free booking experience for your users. Make the switch today and revolutionize the way you manage your amenities!